starting the year off with a BANG

Most of you know that a couple months ago I did a little photo shoot with one of my favorite photographers (s.cole photography) and received the pics yesterday. Some of you might wonder what I do on my days "off"... well, I organize tax info 10 months late, update my blog and website, keep in constant contact with clients and professional peers, etc. But today I made my first b.suite video! It's not much, but after my blog post about cutting myself some SHORT hipster bangs (here), I felt it perfect to share with you :) 

2012 wedding wrap up

Whoa, I can't believe this year is over!  I have met so many great people through weddings; from photographers, stylists, make up artists, and of course BRIDES! Being involved in twelve weddings and one styled wedding photo shoot( w/ Lexia Frank and One Fine Day Productions) ya all have kept me on my toes to say the least. I loved every single bride and their families. I love to hear their stories and how they got to where they are in matters of the heart. 

I have to give a HUGE shout out to Jennifer Fitzpatrick of Jennyface. You not only encouraged me this year but inspired me! I continue to learn from you each and everyday. Although we are no longer close in distance you will forever be close to my heart girl! Good luck and high five for following through with you dreams. (xo)

Photographers from top left:
me (instagram | bsuite_madison), Weddings By Two, Becca Dilley Photography, Capital Photography(w/ guest Green Paint Photography), A. Renee Photography, Anda Marie Photography, Photography by Kait, Kate Botwinski Photography, Anda Marie Photography

2013 brides are already kicking off the new year with trials and sharing pinterest ideas. If you would like b.suite to be a part of your special day please email me!

anything BUT basics | education

This last week I traveled to Lake Geneva for continued education fro Salon Centric Premier Encounter. I took 6 classes ranging for internet marketing, fancy new color, and the psychology of a client. No need to be scared, that class was about how to great and communicate to someone who's blunt and to the point, a researcher, etc... 

I can not wait to get you in my chair and try some of the new things I have learned, or at least talk to you about them! 

Things that are HOT(or soon will be)

    Lady gaga FRIZZ
    Marcel iron waves
    Bright Reds with orange and yellow accents (for the brave)
    Coloring clean hair