one year in business

I want to thank all of you that were able to make it out to the "Birthday Celebration" and also all of you that have helped me build and grow my business this last year. Without you I'd be working 4 jobs and decorating DQ cakes ;) (whoa, bad flashback!)


starting the year off with a BANG

Most of you know that a couple months ago I did a little photo shoot with one of my favorite photographers (s.cole photography) and received the pics yesterday. Some of you might wonder what I do on my days "off"... well, I organize tax info 10 months late, update my blog and website, keep in constant contact with clients and professional peers, etc. But today I made my first b.suite video! It's not much, but after my blog post about cutting myself some SHORT hipster bangs (here), I felt it perfect to share with you :) 

Headshots | Website

Well here is a little teaser of what's to come to 

bangs cut.jpg

I took off on a Tuesday to have some shots taken of me and my products to use on the ol' website. I have a friend (Sam of s.cole photography) that started her photography business about the same time I started working on b.suite. We've cross referred clients and it just made sense to use her. It was an interesting day so I thought I would share some of the details with you, so you know what NOT to do on an important photographed day. 

I remove the blonde hair from my upper lip maybe once a year. I thought with a tight shot on my face I should take care of it now. I hate to tell you this as clients but I don't wax it. That HURTS! So I used a facial depilatory cream. I didn't time it, you know where this is going. I checked it and one side was hair free and then removed it all, but then noticed there was actually still hair on one side. I reapplied (it is common sense that this is a bad idea). Whoa, that burned. I removed it all and immediately knew I had a chemical burn. Applied ice and hoped for the best.  The next day I had my good friend Jenny (of jennyface) come to mi casa for some quiche and apply my face for me. I explained the chemical burn and we moved on. When it came time to apply makeup to my nose she asked if I could remove my nose-ring. I explained that I tried to remove it the night before but it was a clamped barbell and wouldn't come out. At this point I've had one and maybe a half Mimosas. I jumped up and said "I'll get it". I grabbed a needle nose pliers and a tweezer and headed to the bathroom. I came out with a bleeding nose. Dumb idea, I pulled the whole thing through the hole! On accident of course. Jenny finished up my make up with a cotton ball up my nose. She did an amazing job, as you can see in the picture above. 

Once dressed and at the salon Sam met me and we discussed what the session should be about. Focusing on closer shots of my face and some goofy ones for the blog we moved all around the salon using different lighting and angles. I had a brilliant idea to do some action shots of me cutting my bangs. The bangs I envisioned growing out with the rest of my hair. The bangs I told myself I would never cut straight across again no matter how good of an idea it seemed. So here you have the "before" shot, if you will, and on my facebook business page you can see the end result. I didn't know how bad they were until Sam had packed up and left. My mirror was off the wall, as we were using the grey wall for a background. Once I grabbed the mirror to put it back up I'm pretty sure I screeched. I looked like a child who had gone at their hair with some childproof scissors. After cleaning them up without going any shorter, I've been reassured they are cute and trendy. Good, they can make up for my missing nose-ring! 

Check out Sam of S.cole Photography and Jenny of Jennyface