standout eyes | SEPHORA university

Today I was lucky enough to join a  small group of girls at Sephora University for their Standout Eyes course. Being a plain jane myself this class has inspired me to pay more attention to my appearance. I KNOW, I'm a stylist who doesn't wear make up... Well that is about to change. The fine ladies at Madison's Sephora make it easy. They broke down the brushes to use, color schemes, and tricks to a hassle free look. 

{everyday eyes | before & after}                        

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I recommend taking a class at sephora, whether it be the University, or scheduling a one-on-one with one of their educators. We even got this great gift bag! {below}

::Best tips::


  • When applying mascara use the tip of the wand to fan out the outer lashes to the corners to open your eyes
  • If you get unwanted mascara on your skin, wait for it to dry and then flake off
  • Use eye cream on a q-tip to clean up any loose/ unwanted make up around your eyes (very helpful with the smokey eye)
  • running late? throw on some mascara and touch up your brows with a pencil or powder and GO!


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