eyelash extentions

For my salon's and my own birthday I asked a suite-mate to apply eyelash extensions for me. I'm not one to wear make up all that often and I thought this service would help obtain a finished look without mascara... it sure did the trick! Not only did I forgo to eye make up most days but I was getting compliments on my eyes and even glasses everyday.

Here's the skinny; Kari at Bowdatious Salon (located inside Luxe Salon Suites) offers a full set of lashed for $100. You should not get them wet for a period of time, I think it was 12 hours, and stay away from steam at first. These lashes are glued to your individual lashes and fall out when your natural lashes release in their last cycle "life". If you want to maintain this look you can get a fill (refill those that had fallen out) every 2 weeks for $25 or every four weeks for $50.  Besides being a great price Kari is the sweetest girl you will meet! She works Mondays, Wednesdays, some Fridays and Saturdays. Call or email to book your appointment: (608) 212-2534 kari.hillebrand@gmail.com

My before and after: