turn down the heat people

I get people in my chair that have a new texture to their hair, it's breakage! When I go through the list of things that could be causing this, most of the time it's a new hot tool. Most tools these days have a thermostat, if you are using a tool that doesn't, I urge you to consider replacing that old tool with a new one that does and turn down the heat. 

Heat rapidly dries out hair, and if your hair is already colored or just naturally dry, then you should trim your hair more often and use masque conditioners to help keep hair healthy. 

Start off your heat styling with towel drying a good portion of the water out of your hair. Use a blotting technique, not harsh rubbing. Then place your first product(s) in the hair before you turn on that blow dryer. I like to use Alterna Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil Mist and Alterna Bamboo Weightless Whipped Mousse. Direct air flow from roots to ends and try a concentrator nozzle. This nifty little nozzle should speed up drying time and help with frizz. Blow hair to the opposite side of where you want your hair to lay for the most volume.  Dry your hair 100% before you put an iron to it!!! The heat of an iron can cause any excess water to blister the hair cuticle with steam. To add a ton of shine and close the cuticle, I like to blast hair with cold air after I blow dry or use hot tools. Most blow dryers have a built-in cold button. Cooling your hair off will also set your style.

When using curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers, you always want to choose one that is of professional grade. Anything that uses a ceramic or a tourmaline plate is good; they are much safer to use because of the metal coating. Professional tools get hotter faster and stay very hot, meaning you don’t have to hold the hair in the barrel or go over it as many times with a flat iron. Remember to constantly move the iron through your hair. For finer hair I would set the iron to 300-320 degrees, for more corse hair around 350-390 should to the trick, you can adjust if it's not doing the job. Starting off lower is always better. When flat ironing and curling, use a thermal protecting spray that has a little hold in it, or a very light-weight hold hairspray like Keratin Complex Flex Flow Finishing Spray.  

To maintain style and ditch the shampooing and drying process every day try a dry shampoo. The time-saving formulas of dry shampoos are designed to soak up oil. To rehydrate without wetting, spritz a dry conditioner on thirsty ends every two days. Keratin Complex makes Lock Luster Nourishing Spray Conditioner.

the breakdown
1. Always use protection/ styling product
2. Blow dry in the direction of hair growth (roots to ends)
3.Turn the heat down to an appropriate temp
 *Never put an iron to damp or wet hair