Natasha {wedding | Madison, wi}

When I first met Natasha she came in to the salon with her sisters. She has 4 sister and all of them are nice as pie. Natasha loves vintage and therefore her wedding was designed very rustic and vintage with little modern twists. She knew she wanted her hair up and twisted back with a messier look at the nape. Coming from South Dakota she had her trail the week of her wedding, and it went great! Her and her man were actually married five years ago, in order for her to travel around with him in the military. They did a courthouse wedding and not much of a celebration back then. At 25 they decided to have the big shindig. The wedding and reception was at John Wall Family Pavilion in Tenney Park and they were going to have a pig roast. This park pavilion opened this spring and looks beautiful. The bride wanted a more casual but decorated celebration.

Last minute we decided to keep twisting the hair from the sides and intertwine them, it turned out beautiful! Even brought tears to her eyes, she was so excited it turned out better then she pictured in her head. 

Above is Natasha with two of her sisters and her maid of honor

Below is Natasha and her Mom