the grand opening

I had a lot of fun putting things together for the grand opening! I love designing, decorating and promoting my business. I know I like to call it "harassing" to some of you but the one thing I've learned in the last year is if you don't ask, people can't say YES... so thanks to all of you that could make it and help celebrate. I mean it's not hard with raffles, a d.j. and open bar, right?! A big thanks to those who brought or sent gifts for the open house, you are all too sweet! 

And of course besides my family & clients I couldn't have done any of this without the man behind the curtain woman... Geoff has been a tremendous help throughout the whole process of leaving my previous job and taking a risk and jumping in feet first to becoming an entrepreneur. Whether it's making me a drink and sounding off new ideas or venting on the glitches along the way. He believed in me before I did.... Thanks babe!